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Original music albums:

"Wax-Figures Museum"
© 1997
© 2001
"Spanish Image"
© 2002
© 2003
© 2003
© 2004
© 2005
© 2005
"When It Rains It Pours"
© 2005
"Songs Without Words"
© 2005
"Good Night"
© 2006
© 2006


"Collection Vol.1"
© 2003
"Collection Vol.2"
© 2003
"Just for two of us..."
© 2003

To date, his album record consists of 11 CDs, each of which is entirely different from the other in tone, spirit, and message. "Wax-Figures Museum" (1997) is a delightful collection of music compositions for electric guitar, Erik's early works. "Nerves" (2001) presents the artist's intimate conversation with inner self, personal revelation brought to its highest and set in a sophisticated interplay of different guitar styles. "WTC - Never Forget" (2001) is an emotionally charged tribute to all victims of 9/11 tragedy, inspired by a personal loss gives an innovative approach to the art of musical composition. "Spanish Image" (2002) demonstrates Erik's take at revealing the essence of Spanish music feel and beauty.

Year 2003 brings two new works by Erik Sootes: "Soul-Impress" and "Fall". While "Fall" may be viewed as an attempt to joke with music through breaking existing musical canons and mingling rhythms and sounds, "Soul-Impress" sets an opposite tone. In "Soul-Impress" expressive voices of electric, acoustic and western guitar intertwine in a dramatic battle. Each track of the album emphasizes a new emotion, creating convincing resonance with varied audiences.

In 2004 a new album "Spring" was born. It's a story of love and renewal. Spring thaw starts with just a few drops, but soon all sounds join together and create an irreversible force. The album is a dedication to the woman who brought "Spring" to composer's heart. Each track in "Spring" is a musical parallel between awakening in nature and in the soul.

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